Amy Putney-Koenig | Des Moines, IA

Artist Info:: I started to practice in 2001 with a teacher through the Des Moines Parks and Rec department. She taught me the Iyengar method and I fell in love, like many with shavasana. I honestly went to yoga because I thought it might get me sober. Needless to say it did not, but it did introduce me to my body, the temple and my breath, the boss.

Many years of practicing off and on in a town with only a couple yoga studios with small schedules led me to want more! I read what I could, i practiced at home and attended out of town workshops suggested by my teacher and even practiced with teachers online. Then Power Life Yoga arrived in West Des Moines, within a year of practice there I took their 200hr Teacher Training and have been teaching power and restorative yoga ever since.