Angela Kukhahn Headshot

Angela kukhahn

Santa Monica, CA

Amazing mats that have a no-slip surface unlike anything I’ve experienced, and hold up during a sweaty practice like Ashtanga. This company is the coolest!

These yoga pants feel like a second skin! So soft and comfortable you want to wear them out and then bring them back home to sleep in!

Sankalpa: May you get in touch with your deepest dreams as well as the courage to manifest them as you practice on this mat.

Favorite Pose: Vrksasana, Handstand. Because it forces us to go beyond the comfort zone.

Biography: Angela's world class Instruction will help your practice grow wings you never imagined. After a life changing injury, Angela’s Soul purpose unfolded down the path of yoga and today she teaches others to move beyond their fears and limitations. While her stunning mastery of advances poses provides inspiration, she maintains a magical knack for leading yogis straight into the achievement of postures they never thought possible, distracting them with humor, inspiring with music and leading with colorful metaphor.