Ellina Kim Headshot

Aree khodai

Los Angeles, CA

Biography: I am fueled by an intense passion for yoga, life, community, excellence and personal power.

I have lived and trained steeped in tradition both in yoga and life but have found my power and inspiration on the edge. Like many of us in my past I looked outward for fulfillment. In a greatly desired but high stress career in finance I found material prosperity but emotional deprivation. It was through the practice of yoga where I found my spirit, passion and emotional wealth from the inside out. The discipline and challenge of the mind body connection helped me come back to my true self, expand my personal power and find my edge. Edge being constantly defined as one step closer to your truth, destiny, potential, your personal excellence. My yoga practice led me to teaching, to share, assist and guide my students to the magic of the riches that come from connecting to your physical and emotional self. Innovation and surrender are the opposing forces that define me. I generate a unique experience of music, movement and rhythm that create a power based yoga practice. I bring this POWERHOUSE workout to every class, the magic happens when you bring “all of you to it” too.