2014: A Year in Review

Launched the Company - We're official! We decided to put the pencil to paper and pursue our passion.  Made a lot of progress building Sankalpa Yoga Community in 2014 and can't wait to continue growing in 2015!  

Yoga Teachers & Yogis - Thank you to our wonderful network of yogis! We onboarded an INCREDIBLE crew of yoga teachers and yogis from all of the world, and from all different styles and lineages.  Many of the teachers have their own designs and branded Sankalpa Yoga products, and we're excited to continue created new and original lines of products to represent existing and upcoming Sankalpa Yoga teachers!

Artists - We have been BLOWN AWAY by all of the amazing art submitted by talented artists from all over the world to represent Sankalpa Yoga Teachers.  One of the funnest parts of the whole project is seeing new designs when they come in.  Lots of really amazing collaborations to look forward to in 2015 and beyond.  

New Products - We built a website, and started selling products! We have iPhone cases, wall art, t-shirts, and our CORE product: an amazing eco-friendly, all natural rubber mat with a polyester based lining conducive to having beautiful designs printed on the surface.  A great lineup of products to rep any yoga teacher :).  And excited to feature some new products in 2015!

Kickstarter - Thank you to our wonderful friends, family and supporters! We launched a successful Kickstarter, reaching over 250% of our goal and raising over $12,700.  A great start.  We would not be here without our supporters.