15 Days of #LiveSankalpa

15 Days of #LiveSankalpa - Announcing the Winners!

We are blown away by the participation and enthusiasm for the #LiveSankalpa challenge.  It was inspiring to see so many diverse people come together to practice and live intentions that were set for each day.  A big shoutout and thanks to hosts @blancaviles & @r_blume & @alexiabauerl & @nickelljosh & @elysenickell for helping coordinate the challenge.  Picking just 3 winners from all the amazing participants was challenging.  The competition was stiff, and participation was truly inspiring.  

After much deliberation, we are excited to announce the 3 champions.  

These 3 lucky winners will all receive a brand new @LiveSankalpa Yoga Mat, hot off the press!

  1. @yogapolitik

  2. @cyoungo

  3. @earthfoodyoga

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"Today I am grateful for my community of friends and family. I am grateful to feel their embrace as they support me in my path. I am grateful to begin my journey teaching yoga with Chicago Athletic Clubs @chicagoathleticclubs Also thank you to @lululemon and @ellery.yoga at Halstead, for having me demo yoga in the window this past weekend. Here I'm practicing on the @livesankalpa 's mat, design and art by teacher"


"My life lesson’s in this lifetime is patience, without a doubt. Being patience so that my words refrain from gushing forth behind my emotional reaction. Being patience to wait for a response and not have the length of time measured according to my fast clock. Being patient to listen without interjecting. Being patient to “stop and smell the roses” when I am caught up in completing tasks/goals. Yoga has taught me about patience – to be patient with my body when it is not ready to bend, lift, stand, balance or unable to perform a pose. Today I practiced patience on my mat and with all my interactions with people. Here, I am trying to lift my torso higher in this high #Dhanurasana (#BowPose ) so that my head will touch my feet in this lifted bow pose version. I am patiently working towards improving my back’s ability to easily lift upward. Yoga teaches me patience on and off my mat."


"Sometimes the best way for me to ground is to quite literally dig my heels into the earth and watch a queen bee buzzing in the garden. It's a new moon today. What can you do to get grounded?"

EACH DAY we offered a unique Sankalpa -- a soulful intention -- to help clarify a goal, inspire change, and bring more mindfulness to our routine.   Participants entered by sharing a picture that embodies the day’s intention - asana photos, selfies, or photos that speak to the day’s Sankalpa were all welcome! 

The Calendar of Sankalpas:


Stay tuned for the next #LiveSankalpa challenge.  We are sure to offer another one very soon!