The 7 Chakras & The Flow of Energy

I LOVE this mat! It lies flat, has a super luxe feeling, and the surface is so soft! The designs are rich and beautiful! It is nice and thick with good weight and the mat does not move around under me at all. I will stick with these mats! There is no comparison. AND they are eco-friendly!! Love it all the way around. ~ LoriDawn Messuri | Sacramento, CA

The Chakra Flow and Chakra Power Flow mats were inspired by the 7 chakras and the flow of energy as we do yoga. The colors act as a conduit to inspire your yoga practice and bring balance and synchronicity to your body, mind and spirit. The brushes were inspired by the individual chakra points in our bodies, and flow into one another, like the energy that flows through us. I feel inspired by the design while I practice on these mats. When I am distracted by others all I have to do is look at a point on my mat to find a sense of peace. I get quiet in my mind and bring my Drishti back. It's kind of like visualizing a beautiful place in the middle of a storm. I find equanimity in the beauty even if the pose is challenging. ~ LoriDawn Messuri | Featured Yogi & Artist