Artist Highlight - Rhonna Del Rio

Rhonna Del Rio | Los Angeles, CA

Photo Credit: @chloemoorephotography

Photo Credit: @chloemoorephotography

Sankalpa's interview with Filipino-American, emerging Los Angeles artist Rhonna del Rio.

Formally educated in architecture, a building designer, Rhonna del Rio launched her design career with renowned architect Richard Meier. Rhonna's art is inspired by her yoga practice and is dedicated in exploring new avenues of creativity. For years, she has been working with still life art (buildings) via architecture mostly dependent on needing to look at something in order draw, computer generated drawings and mixed use of graphic programs. In early 2011, her new found practice and passion of yoga brought to life the desire to draw organically and emotionally from within, the thoughts emerging after each powerful yoga class. What you see is the birth of a new imagination for Rhonna del Rio. A creative freedom; finally connected to her soul and spirit.

How was your experience practicing on your artist designed yoga mat?

I've only practiced on solid mats my entire yoga journey.

When I first got on my Sankalpa mat the experience offered a new perspective energetically. It was a silent invite to go back inward whenever I got a glance of the art between transitions.

I highly recommend it also for meditating. To sit on these archetypes and feel the energies that brought them to the surface stroke by stroke through the artist(s). The healing happens in our most solitude and quiet moments and with art on the mat there is silent dialogue that inspires this healing to begin.

What does your design mean to you?

My teacher told me once that our souls and the universe don't speak literally, instead they speak through feelings, images and archetypes.

My art journey was born "ON THE MAT" almost literally when I participated in a yoga challenge back in 2011 and I haven't stopped since. My "Yoga and Art Journey" has always been about expressing the archetypes that I visually feel during classes. It means the world to me to be able to give these archetypes a platform to be shared worldwide. The messages that resonate from them are not only for me, but for everyone who has and continue to be inspired with unique messages for their own path in yoga when they see the archetypes.

Tell us about practicing asana and/or meditation on your mat.

The grip increased with practice as for most mats it would be the opposite. So I love that when I am more in the practice after a few minutes in. The mat itself also helps with its better grip.

Meditation is quiet extra ordinary on my mat. The Archetypes I have on my mat is called "Community of The Breath" and when I closed my eyes in meditation it truly resonated for me like blanket of energy over my shoulders.

Connectivity and support inward was deeper.

Why do you practice and support Sankalpa over other brands?
I recommend Sankalpa mats because it's beyond the physical practice of yoga that truly transforms yogis. With artwork showing different archetypes on the mat, for me, when I first used my Sankalpa mat and closed my eyes, I directly felt a connection with the mat's energy.

Between transitions it also invites a dance with the artwork which normally others may find themselves looking at others instead of their own practice... so it helps to have a "framed" art on the mat itself to invite us back inward when our human nature pulls us outward.

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