This Passing Light

On a bright fall day, expecting Julia Romano meditates on motherhood, and the change that is always occurring.

Nothing beats a great yoga mat - except a super sticky yoga mat that's also really beautiful. This mat is an amazing combination of form and function. I just love it. Besides the practicality of the mat, I love the intention; the mission of Sankalpa. ~ Julia Romano | Washington, DC

When light pours from the sky, I feel held, I feel warmed, I feel full. When it passes, as it inevitably does, I feel in a visceral way the recognition of the impermanence of all things -- and therefore my connection to all things. My design, This Passing Light, is perfect. The infusion of these glorious colors, the sweet soft texture of the mat - still wonderfully sticky - made the whole experience one of deeply gratifying meditation on a present moment full of beauty. It also feels pretty darn good to know that my mat supports an independent artist and company. ~ Julia Romano | Washington, DC