Christopher Wall | Decatur, IL

Artist Info: Function and form. Balance and equilibrium. These concepts are as essential to yoga as they are to art. Christopher believes these ideas are exquisitely expressed within the use of geometric forms. "For years I have been drawn to complex shapes and deceptively simple patterns. Particularly those created by polygons. I find the fact that many of these patterns can be found throughout the natural world to be nothing short of awe inspiring."

Christopher is a graphic designer born and raised in central Illinois. In addition to design work, he has been painting abstract works and producing music in the IDM/EDM genres for nearly 20 years. As an audiophile, music holds an equal place in his life next to the visual arts. His influences include an eclectic variety ranging from Aphex Twin to Meshuggah. Visual influences vary as well from modern to classical painters such as H.R. Giger, and Hieronymus Bosch.