Debi Buzil aka Devi 2000 | Chicago, IL

Sankalpa: In every encounter is an opportunity to nourish myself, and feed those around me.

Favorite Pose: Balasana. Child's Pose. Once a child always a child. Beginners mind.

Biography: Debi Buzil, a.k.a. Devi 2000, introduced Kirtan to Chicago in what became a 10 year monthly residency at Moksha Yoga. In addition, Debi is music editor for Yoga Chicago; "Sutra in the City" columnist for Illumine Magazine; a devotee of Amma and her own two children. Debi's mother taught her about Mantra at a young age. Her mother will always be her greatest teacher. Kirtan-based CDs (and digital albums) include Devotional, Prepare Your Soul to Dance: Devotional Remixed and Kum Kum; a new collection is in the works.

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