Erin Fritts | Saugerties, New York

Artist Info: Wonder and curiosity are the driving forces in Erin's life and artwork. The fruit of her art making comes from a place of love and trusting in the inner voice. Erin graduated from RISD in 2011 with a BFA in Illustration and a focus in Art Therapy. After living in NYC for five years creating murals and sharing her artwork, Erin moved to the Hudson River Valley to be closer to the natural world. Currently working in the mental health field as a peer specialist, Erin honors the process of creating as a path of healing and self discovery. She also teaches Hot Hatha Yoga in her community. Through yoga, Erin maintains a state of mental wellness. She translates her vibrant visualizations seen during meditation into paintings and sculptures. Erin is currently working on a children's book, "Plexus and the Unseelie Fairies", describing the release of fears, embrace of self love, and transformation through art and meditation. Erin's art is currently on display at Inquiring Minds Bookstore in Saugerties, NY and she and her partner are in the process of building an art gallery in their apartment.