+ What is Sankalpa?

We are a brand on a mission to support independent yogis & artists, and connect people through yoga.

We collaborate with yogis and artists from all over the world to create unique designs that we print onto eco-friendly yoga mats. Read our story to learn more.

+ Does my purchase make an impact?

Yes! We are committed to supporting yogis & artists from all over the world. For every product sold at Sankalpa, a royalty is paid to the artist who created the design.

+ How can I contact you?

We’d love to connect with you. Please email us at or call us at (424) 272-6576. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible.


+ What is your yoga mat made out of?

It has a 100% all natural rubber base and a microfiber top layer, making it perform like both a yoga mat & towel in one. Learn more about our mat here.

+ How is traction on the mat?

Great! Our no-slip microfiber top layer has been specially engineered to maximize traction. Traction on the mat also increases with sweat & moisture, and as pressure is applied to the surface. Our rubber base provides maximum grip to the floor so your mat will no slide around during practice.

+ How does the yoga mat perform?

It’s like practicing on a yoga mat with a towel, with the towel affixed to the mat so it will never scrunch up during your practice. The microfiber fabric is no-slip, ultra absorbent & soft. Our rubber base provides maximum grip to the floor so your mat will no slide around during practice.

+ How should I wash the mat?

If you sweat a lot, lay the mat out to air dry when you are done practicing for about an hour or until dry. For a deeper clean, wash with warm water, a soft cloth and a mild soap.

+ Are your mats eco-friendly?

Yes, they are made from all natural rubber, which is a recyclable, renewable & sustainable resource. Absolutely NO PVC.

+ What are the dimensions of your mats?

Our standard mat is 72” x 24” x 5mm thickness (4" longer than a standard mat, and thicker than most mats).

Our Extra Large mat is 84" x 28" x 5mm thickness (16" longer, 4" wider and thicker than a standard mat)


+ I don’t live in the United States. Can I still order Sankalpa Yoga products?

Yes! We ship to anywhere in the world! Custom fees and additional fees may apply for international shipments. Contact your local customs office for more information.

+ How do I know if my order was placed successfully?

We will send an order confirmation email to you after your order is placed with your order number. Once your order ships, we’ll send you a shipping confirmation email with tracking information.

+ Can I cancel or modify my order after I’ve placed it?

We do our best to process and ship orders quickly. Once your order is placed, we have a very small amount of time to make any changes with the warehouse - if you need to make a change, please email as soon as possible with your order number and update request. We’ll do our best to accommodate the request, but we cannot make any promises.

Returns & Shipping

+ What is your returns policy?

Click to check out our returns policy.

+ How long does it take for my order to arrive after it has shipped?

We try to process and ship orders as quickly as possible. Depending on your design, we may need to custom print your design which could take 3-6 business days. Then it will take another 2-3 business days for shipping to the Midwest and 4-5 business days for those in the Southwest and West Coast. International shipping can take longer.