Julia Romano | Washington, DC

Sankalpa: I am only a guide, a Light; my role is to create the space so that you can hear more clearly the voice of your real Teacher, your wisdom. It's that experience that transforms the physical practice into one that empowers body, mind, and Spirit.

Favorite Pose: Tadasana it's an opportunity to practice seeing one's self as complete, perfect, without having to do anything else but simply be. It also contains every other pose within its frame.

Biography: Julia believes in yoga as therapy for mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a process of continual refinement: poses are not achieved, but rather joyfully explored. Julia offers variations for every practitioner, from injured, to beginner, to “advanced,” although Julia believes that there is no such thing as a “better” yogi, only a more conscious practitioner–and anyone, regardless of physical prowess, can practice with awareness. Such regular practice helps cultivate strength, flexibility, peace of mind through acceptance, and comfort in, difficult positions–qualities that the practitioner can take off the mat and into daily life.

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