Louise Luz, Florianopolis, BR

Louise luz

Florianopolis, Brazil

Artist Info: Louise Luz is an island girl born in the beautiful Florianópolis, aka "Magic Island", in the South of Brazil. After studying Architecture in Brazil, Louise's love of travelling led her to Sydney, Australia where she graduated in Fashion Design at KVB Institute of Technology. She has worked internationally as a Fashion and Surface Designer, a trend forecaster and a creative presenter. Louise draws her influences from the many countries and cultures that have touched her gypsy heart, and her designs reflect her passion for life, love and nature. Her personal journey through life and spirituality is reflected in her designs, which aims to inspire and create beauty all over the world with a soulful and unique style. Louise Luz is also an experienced yoga teacher and uses her 20 years of personal experience to guide other seekers on their journeys with her teachings from the heart.

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