Maitri Dissolve

Maitri Dissolve


Yogi Approved & eco-friendly.  Perfect for all styles of yoga.

  • 100% natural rubber base provides maximum grip to the floor
  • No-slip, microfiber material engineered to maximize traction, cushion & support. 
  • Grip on mat increases with sweat & moisture.
  • Eco-friendly – mats created from a recyclable, renewable, biodegradable, 100% natural tree rubber base.  
  • Easy to clean with soft cloth, water, and mild soap. Hang or layout to dry.
  • Mat size: 72" x 24" x 5mm thickness (longer than standard mats)
  • Absolutely NO PVC
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Yogi: Ellina Kim | Los Angeles, CA

Artist: Erika Bermudez | Los Angeles, CA

About This Design: We agreed from the start that we wanted to create something beautiful and modern. We also wanted the mat to reflect the feel of Elina's Yoga store, Maitri, which is tasteful and elegantly decorated. I hand painted this design on a wood board with Acrylic paint. I wanted each brushstroke to have texture and a flow that you can only achieve with paint and the right amount of water. This pattern represents life and it's natural flow. When we let go and trust the process, beautiful things start to happen. Just like in our yoga practice