Rhonna del Rio

Rhonna del rio

Los Angeles, CA

Artist Info: Filipino-American emerging Los Angeles artist Rhonna del Rio.

Formally educated in architecture, a building designer, Rhonna del Rio launched her design career with renowned architect Richard Meier. Rhonna's art is inspired by her yoga practice and is dedicated in exploring new avenues of creativity. For years, she has been working with still life art (buildings) via architecture mostly dependent on needing to look at something in order draw, computer generated drawings and mixed use of graphic programs. In early 2011, her new found practice and passion of yoga brought to life the desire to draw organically and emotionally from within, the thoughts emerging after each powerful yoga class.

What you see is the birth of a new imagination for Rhonna del Rio. A creative freedom; finally connected to her soul and spirit.

Yoga Mats

Mind and Heart Intertwined
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Community of The Breath
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