You are Sankalpa Yoga. You create awesome art, and you’re the reason we exist. The whole process starts right here, with your idea.

Earn Cash. If your design is selected for print, you will earn a royalty for every product sold bearing your design.

Submit Now. Have an amazing idea that you are ready to submit?
Submit a preview of your design now to be considered for production! If your design is selected, you will be asked to submit a high resolution or vectorized version of your design according to the production guidelines outlined below.

Please submit your preview design at 550px x 1585px, and save at less than 10mb.

Questions? Email us at

Yoga Mat Production Artwork Guidelines A vectorized .ai file (preferably Adobe Illustrator) to fit a 25.5”x73.5" canvas. If vectors are not available a .jpg file at size (25.5”x73.5”) at high resolution will also work. The actual size of the yoga mat is 24”x72”, so 25.5”x73.5” accounts for .75” of bleed around the entire periphery. Please take bleed space into account when creating your design and also avoid putting intricate parts of your design within the 1” border of printable space (area before bleed).

Note that we do not print spiritual deities (i.e. Ganesha) on yoga mats or towels