Tracee Badway | Chicago, IL

Artist Info: Tracee Badway is a well-rounded Chicago-based Visual Artist with a BFA with honors from The American Academy of Art. Not only is this entrepreneur is an exceptional realistic portrait and landscape painter, she is also very involved with the Public Art Scene. She has painted sculptures with Cool Globes, "The Ryder Cup’s” Golf Balls, Pigs on Parade and most recently a Boston Marathon Globe and Chicago’s "Fire Hydrants". You can find her in the summertime crouching on the pavement at Art Fairs creating large-scale renderings in Chalk or painting a mural in a restaurant, business or private residence. When she is not in the studio you can find Tracee getting involved in her community where she wears many hats. She'll be creating a live piece of art at an event, Working out at a gym or boutique fitness studio, or dancing the night away with her friends.