Cosmos Mandalas


Cosmos Mandalas


Yogi Approved & Eco-friendly.  Perfect for all styles of yoga.

  • Non-slip microfiber material
  • Grip increases with sweat & moisture
  • Machine washable, easy to clean (do not use bleach)
  • Design remains vibrant wash after wash
  • 72" x 24"
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Yogi: Evelyn Rodriguez - Chicago, IL

Artist: Kaby Vallejo - Mexico City, MX

About This Design: Though inspiration is a whimsical creature that breathes next to you, it isn’t always easy to grasp. Picasso said that Inspiration should find you working to really work with you and for you, so I started looking over my shoulder to maybe get a glimpse of it. How can a Mandala work with Mexican culture? How can you mix and match two elements that apparently have nothing to do with each other? Two cultures, two different perspectives and understandings of the universe, or am I wrong and they actually meet somewhere along the line?

Definitely they meet, and touch each other, and intertwine. We are all one. A Mandala is the representation of the Universe, both inner and outer, and the connection they share. A vibrant pink Mandala, “Mexican pink” as we call it, is all that took to give life to Evelyn’s mat, just the right amount to keep our identity. The rest is all we are, we share, we offer through the yoga practice. Our inner and outer Universe colliding for a higher purpose, for our own body, mind and soul, as well as for everyone that surrounds us.