Yuuki yamagiwa

Los Angeles, CA

Sankalpa: May this practice allow you to find your wildest dreams and the courage to pursue them.

Favorite Pose: Adho Mukha Vrksasana - Handstand. It allows your focus to find and stay in the present moment.

Biography: Yuuki's passion for movement began at an early age, when her interest in stage combat and performing arts led her towards an extensive study and performance career in Asian sword and hand-to-hand stage combat, choreography, and character performance. After over 15 years of experience in various movement arts, Yuuki discovered yoga, which provided a form of healing for her physical injuries and mental strain resulting from the high pressures of her performing arts background. Yuuki feels passionate about teaching and teaches classes that embrace compassion, playfulness, strength, and mind-body awareness. She has contributed to Mindbodygreen and currently resides in Los Angeles, where she teaches private lessons, public classes, and workshops.